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Serving the citizens of Yellowstone County as your Sheriff for the last 3 years has truly been an honor and a privilege. It has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. I am proud of our many accomplishments and believe we have the best team of dedicated professionals in the state.

When I took office in January 2011, we hit the ground running. Faced with hundred‘s of neglected horses, followed by deadly flooding, and then an oil spill in the Yellowstone River; in less than a year I had a fast paced induction into my new role as Sheriff. Working as a team with other local leaders and businesses we were able to deal with these somewhat unique circumstances.

Since then we have successfully implemented the Montana 24/7 sobriety program to keep drunk drivers off the streets and out of jail. We had this program up and running within a week of the new law taking affect. A more recent program designed to decrease jail overcrowding is the Sheriff’s Labor Detail, where potential inmates can work off their sentences in community service and pay for the privilege to do so. We have also quickened and doubled our capacity to process Concealed Weapons permits, substantially cutting down on the time it takes to process permit applications.

We have greatly enhanced our Search and Rescue program. We have formed a Special Services Division that includes a certified professional water rescue and dive team. The addition of a second river rescue boat, along with qualified Sheriff’s Office operators has made our water rescue abilities top notch. Using grant funds, we have purchased other new equipment including sidescan sonar for the boats as well as two ATV’s. We are continuing to work with other local agencies to expand our capabilities, especially ground based search and rescue.

Another exciting development is the creation of our Cold Case Unit. This group of expert volunteers reviews unsolved homicide cases in Yellowstone County using new investigative techniques and fresh eyes. We have re-opened all unsolved Yellowstone County homicide cases dating back to 1973 and hope to bring closure to these victim’s families.

Moving forward, we have a great group of law enforcement professional protecting our community. This allows me to focus on another long time issue, overcrowding at the Yellowstone County Detention Facility. My plan is to build an additional ‘pod’ to house up to 100 female inmates and to do so as efficiently as possible. We will explore all options available to finance this project and hopefully we will not need to ask the taxpayers to support another tax increase. The Yellowstone County Commissioners have already approved moving forward on this project which will provide a safer environment for both inmates and staff.

I thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Yellowstone County. I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 4, 2014.

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Sheriff Mike Linder

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